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Instead of yielding to our ego, we should surrender to the master. — Amma
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Amma's 2015 North American Summer Tour Dates

As Amma says, "Gaining mastery over the mind is the real education". Children are the world's wealth, and how we guide and train them will make or mar their future. Amrita Bala Kendra is a tool Amma has provided to ensure that todays youth will grow into good citizens and positive contributors to society.  In today's times of chaos and confusion, human values and moral direction have lost their foot-hold in society. Our children need a place to turn for guidance in a world that seems to get more and more complicated for them as time goes on. Amrita Bala Kendra prepares them for the world and for the difficulties they will face, by guiding them in the application of Ammas teachings. of Ammas teachings.                               

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